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Safety in Style

Safety in Style


Protect your loved ones in a cool & stylish way – with Osafe fire extinguishers

Everyday we use cars to go to work. We spend hours on the road driving with friends and families. And yet despite all the advanced safety features in modern vehicles, there is a hidden danger. Every car is a potential fire hazard. All motorized vehicles contain devices that can inadvertently start a fire. These include air bag detonators, hot exhaust systems and electrical devices that may short circuit. The car also contains flammable materials, including gasoline and oil, and solid combustibles, such as the rubber hose. If the fuel line is ruptured, the leaking fuel can rapidly ignite due to sparks in the car engine. Fire-related accidents are more common than we realize. In Malaysia and Singapore, more than 100 people were killed in the past 3 years when they failed to escape from their vehicles that caught fire. Road accidents can cause cars to burst into a fireball. A car can catch fire in just seconds without any warning. This includes luxury cars, such as a Ferrari, that caught fire in March 2016 on the LKSA highway. While countless lives have been saved because automakers have installed safety belts and airbags, most cars still do not come with basic fire safety equipment. As such, it is essential to own and keep a portable fire extinguisher in the car. The extinguisher is the first line of defence to fight car fires - to keep our loved ones safe and to minimise damage caused to the vehicle. At Osafe, we have conducted extensive research and development in the past 5 years to educate the public on the importance of fire safety. We began developing fire safety equipment and products, stage by stage, after receiving overwhelming requests and inquiries resulting from our safety awareness efforts.

Osafe fire extinguishers are CE certified to withstand high temperatures it is equipped with anti-explosion system. To ensure a longer lifespan, it contains ABC powder with a 70% mix of Mono Ammonium Phosphate. The extinguishers are rated for a maximum working pressure of 14 bars, which enable the powder to be released to a distance of 8 to 10 feet.

Osafe fire extinguishers are designed to be cool, stylish and handy. The exterior comes with many varieties of patterns and logos that can be personalised to your preferences. Most importantly, it is uniquely designed to be light and compact. Drivers and passengers will find it easy and convenient to store the extinguishers within the car cabin.
Osafe's affordable and stylish fire extinguishers will give you peace of mind at all times so that you can travel safely with your family and friends.