Osafe Fire Inspection

Fire Prevention Awareness Training

Everybody knows what FIRE is.
But did anybody understand FIRE?

Even since we were young, parents used to tell us do not play with fires, do not play with matches, and remember to switch off the button of the TV and so on. Did we listen to them? Is it enough to prevent fires?

Honestly, many peoples nowadays still love to play with fires as we always saw from newspaper. There is a lot of fire cases happened in Malaysian. There is 29874 cases happened in 2012 and 98 peoples gone with the fire, 152 peoples get injured seriously. Beside this, asset loses nearly 110 million in the fire blazes and our fire squad team able to save 200millions from fires. This is actually a huge figure and this reminds us on how weak we are when facing FIRES.

Fire cases are not accidentally happened or natural disaster. In fact, fire cases always happened due to our negligence and carelessness. Hence, everybody is responsible on fire safety. To take care of fire safety we need to start with fire prevention because prevention is always better than cure!

In our organization, we are not only telling you how to make purchase but we will teach you how to function a unit of fire extinguisher and basic check-up for the unit. Furthermore, our service team would like to furnish our clients with knowledge of fire safety and prevention. This is also an appreciation for our customer for tendering the service to us.

It’s important to keep getting out these basic fire safety messages. Because, people still just don’t get it. And ignorance can be deadly. Several surveys over recent years continue to find that 80%-90% of Malaysians feel Thief Prevention is more important than Fire Prevention, or feel equally safe in both locations. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. The lost from fire blaze was uncountable, the loss of life was irreplaceable, the loss of asset will not return.

Yet people seem far more concerned about dangers they are less likely to face.

Hence, our service would like to take this platform to share with them on fire preventive measure and to create their awareness on fire prevention. We are going to share out the topic like:

We are confident that our comprehensive courses of programs ranging from 45 minutes to one hour sessions designed to give our audience a basic understanding of fire risk; you will enjoy the highest quality and most up to date training.

Perhaps the training could remind our nation on how important is fire prevention. If we can get people to think about fire safety at least twice a year, it will be a huge leap forward ! Of course, we don’t just want them to worry. We want them to take action. We need to first raise their awareness of vulnerability, and then let them know there are simple actions they can take to reduce their risk.

If you would like to invite us for the free training session, kindly contact us at sales@osafefi.com . We appreciated your concern and support to us.