Osafe Fire Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I purchase Osafe Fire Design extinguisher?
You can purchase through online, roadshow and welcome to visit our showroom at our main office to purchase.

How can I make payment?
You can pay by credit card, cash or online transfer.

Does the fire extinguisher come with warranty?
Yes 1 year warranty will be given. Please refer to Product Warranty

Do I need to service my Osafe fire extinguisher?
Yes of course. You are advice to service it every years or annually.

If my fire extinguisher has been partially discharged and a small amount of extinguishing has been used, do I need to have the extinguisher refilled?
Yes, all fire extinguishers must be refilled once they have been discharged. Fire extinguisher is designed to discharge their propellant gas once the lever has been Squeeze. Even if you only use a small amount of the extinguisher will still degas.

Do I need to maintain the smoke detector?
Yes. Clean the alarm at least once a month to remove dust, dirt or debris. Always turn off power before cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner with the soft brush, vacuum all sides and cover of smoke alarm. Make sure all the vents are free of debris.