Osafe Fire Inspection

Product Warranty

Our Product is fully warranted for 1 year in materials and workmanship within the confirmation period by Osafe Fire Inspection Sdn Bhd.

This warranty applies to each new product purchased; whereby the product has been supplied by Osafe Fire Inspection Sdn Bhd.

Fire Extinguisher
Free of charge servicing the fire extinguisher within the warranty period from the date of purchased. If the pressure gauge needle point at “RED” zone of “0” reading without any usage or damage.

* In normal condition, the needle always point to “GREEN” zone on the pressure gauge. Product being damage due to tampering, altered or repaired by unauthorized person, misuse, negligence, improper testing, usage of non-genuine spare parts or accessories are not warranted.

Look for the 6 digit Warranty number at the bottom of the fire extinguisher like the image below:

Smoke Detector
Free of charge to replace a brand new smoke detector. If the smoke detector is malfunctioned during normal usage, within the warranty period. It does not include damages due to improper handling and installation.

Please note: Original Warranty are required to claim warranty service, failing to do so which the company reserved the rights to decline any warranty claim.